Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wraith and Ruin: Battle Report for STEEL AND GLORY

Turn 1: The wraith moves to block the Barony characters' access to the ruin. This is not lost on Sir Titus. "He doesn't want us to reach the ruin," cries Titus, "Make for it and find out why as I draw him off!" The Barony characters advance separately. The wraith, forced to choose between Titus and Alaine, picks the former, advancing on Sir Titus and using his death field to drain life from the Barony noble.

Turn 2: The wraith moves into contact with Titus. Undead creature and barony knight have at each other, human steel versus the cold deadly touch of the grave. Little by little, human flesh falls victim to the uncanny powers of darkness.

Turn 3: Finally the wraith's ghastly strength is too much for Titus, and the Barony knight falls senseless to the ground. Alaine reaches the ruin, but fails to see anything that would help her to weaken or defeat the wraith, who turns to attack her on the ruins' stairs.

Turn 4: Alaine now struggles with the wraith, unleashing mighty blow after mighty blow, but to no avail. Slowly the other-worldly touches of her undead adversary wear her down. Once his own reserves of supernatural power have drained, the wraith resorts to brutal physical blows with his great sword, crashing through Alaine's armor.

Turn 5: Wounded and faced with a seemingly unstoppable adversary from the depths of hell, Alaine panics and flees. She does not get far, however, before the dark terror strikes her from behind with his cruel blade, and she drops off into horrifying blackness.

Conclusion: The weakened, pale, near-dead bodies of Sir Titus and Alaine lie at the wraith's feet in the dim starlight filtering through the now silent forest. With a gesture, the wraith raises them into the air and floats them under the archways of the ruin. He will keep them alive, for now. When the full moon comes, their warm blood will fuel his fell ritual. In the meantime, the wraith will be free to roam and feast in Candlewick village in the nights to come.

[A victory for the Bloodlord Undead Faction. Final VP score for the game: 2-0]

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