Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Krug's Wake: Song of Blades and Heroes Battle Report

The path left by Krug and his Poison-Blade Savage Orcs was not difficult to find. The raiders had left a string of smoldering, smoking villages in their wake. A Barbarian War Party sent out to track down the plunderers finally caught up with them in the rocky, wooded fields just beyond the most recently burned settlement.

Turn 1: The barbarians advance, the scout darting ahead through the trees on their left flank. Krug moves to meet them, while his orcs momentarily hesitate, hanging back (This was horrid luck – after Krug moved, all three orcs failed their activation rolls!).

Turn 2: The barbarian warband tries to take advantage of the orcs' hesitation, seeking to swarm around Krug who has advanced beyond his support. Krug slows down to allow his orcs to catch up. The latter advance to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their leader, while the orc archer still hangs back in the cover of the trees.

Turn 3: The barbarians engage. The scout rushes out to ambush the orcs' right flank, already locked in melee with one barbarian, and an orc is forced to recoil. The barbarian hero and another warrior attack Krug in the center, but the hero is forced to fall back, while the remaining barbarian engages the orc on Krug's left.
In response, the orc to Krug's left knocks down the barbarian facing him, and Krug also knocks down his foe.

Turn 4: The barbarians seem disorganized (again rotten luck on the activation rolls, this time for the barbarians – when the first fallen barbarian tried to stand, he rolled two dice and failed to activate on both!), so the orcs continue to press the attack. The orc with the fallen opponent finishes him off, and Krug does the same with his downed adversary. The orc archer finally advances and his shot knocks the barbarian hero off balance, while the last orc engages the scout on the barbarians' left flank. 

Turn 5: The off-balance hero regains his footing and shifts to reform the line with his comrades. The scout forces the orc facing her to recoil once more. Krug attacks the barbarian hero but is himself forced to take a step back. The archer also shoots at the barbarian hero, who has to dive to the ground to dodge the arrow. Unfortunately for him, an orc then rushes in and kills him while he's still prone. With half the warband killed, the scout wavers and falls back. The remaining barbarian fighter tries to hold his ground, but is also driven backward by the last orc.

Turn 6: Seeing that the situation is hopeless, the last two barbarians decide to take flight, leaving the field to Krug and his orcs.

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