Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sample 3 x 5 Cards

In my last post I talked about using 3 x 5 index cards to plan adventures as Sly Flourish suggests in his book The Lazy Dungeon Master. During a break in our session last night +Tim Shorts asked to see a sample card (which I neglected to include in my original post), so here are four of them. One NPC, one broad location, one pinpoint location, and one information card.

Gustaf managed to smuggle out a message to Olivia that he wanted to talk to her at the Standing Stones. They are located in a place (a broad location) called "The Briars" which Olivia would have to traverse to get to the standing stones (I use bold face on the cards to remind myself when they refer to another card):

As she made her way through the Briars a thunderstorm hit (item 5 on the random list for the Briars). The thunderstorm seemed to be blocked out of the circle of stones. Bright moonlight shone from a calm clear sky within the circle, while the storm continued raging outside it: 

Gustaf appeared in the circle (think Princess Leia hologram), and gave her information (admittedly I had to cheat on this card and use a smaller font):

Olivia left the circle and was attacked by wolves (last point on Standing Stones card) before returning to Ravensburg through the storm.

And finally this is where I keep the cards -- everything always in one place: 


  1. They make sense to me and that's some good storage right there!

  2. Do you print them out on a piece of paper and then cut them to size?

    1. Yep. I write by hand so much slower than I type, that it's quicker to print them on a piece of cardstock and cut them down (I have a paper cutter for that).

    2. Thanks. My handwriting is horrible so I was curious about how I might emulate this.