Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Playing Area, New Adventure, and Montporte Revisited

New Playing Area

It's a little hard to believe Brie and I are still playing Swords and Wizardry. We started back on January 23, and I figured it would just be a one-off thing. But we've played one session a week since then, for something like nine sessions or so, if my count is right, and what started as a one-shot has turned into a campaign. Since our play has gotten more serious, I've re-purposed my 6' x 4' minis table in the basement as our new RPG playing spot.

This way we get to spread out with battle mats and dungeon tiles. We also don't have to pack up the game and put stuff away at the end of every session, which we've been doing for the past nine weeks when playing on the dining room table.

New Adventure

In-game things have become more serious as well. This week's session got Brie's character, Olivia, involved in some political intrigue, as she followed up on this article in the Ravensburg Gazette:

I gave the Gazette to her several days ago to read and pick a plot line she wanted to follow. She saw that one and exclaimed "I'M AN ELF, AND THIS MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!" That was that.

So she spoke to a contact of hers, a scribe for the Ravensburg City Council, to get more info. He then asked her to deliver a diplomatic parcel to the Elf Queen to try and clear up matters regarding the assassination. On her way through the forest to the elven stronghold, Olivia and her band were ambushed by Bugbears. One henchman was nearly killed, but her party killed one Bugbear and drove off the others. She managed to deliver her diplomatic parcel to the Elf Queen's magistrates. The elves now have asked her to investigate the Bugbear lair nearby as they think the humanoids are somehow involved in the assassination attempt. She'll head off to the lair next weekend.

Montporte Revisted

Wednesday nights have seen +Tim Shorts  and me return to +Ken H's Montporte Megadungeon, where the resources have been slim (and closely counted), and the combat deadly. I lost a henchman this past Wednesday, and almost lost my PC, Alaric, the cleric, who found himself whittled down to 1 hp when the dust of battle finally settled. We headed back to town again with all haste. Our first two sessions back in the Megadungeon have been bloody and gritty, and it's been a blast. Fifteen-minute workdays, dead henchmen, and bloodied PCs – who could ask for anything more?


  1. I'm delighted that it's still going strong!

  2. Great to hear you two are still going at it...gaming wise...not the other thing wise. Rolling dice. Not rolling around somewhere else. You know what I mean. Looks like a great space.

    1. Boy that is one elastic envelope you're pushin' there. :)

    2. Hey, if you are into the elastic stuff I'm not judging.

  3. After reading what you and Tim wrote, whatever I was gonna say, shot right out of my head.