Saturday, July 5, 2014

Prepping for Monday's Game

I'm looking forward to running Ephemera with Swords and Wizardry for the Monday Night Group this week. This weekend, I'm doing lots of mapping, keying and table-making (instead of finishing my read of D&D 5e Basic, but there'll be plenty of time for that later).

So far I've completed the following:

  • Customized General Wandering Monster Tables for all regions of Ephemera (9 tables in all, with monsters stats for quick reference)
  • "Special" Wandering Monster/NPC Tables (significant much more detailed monsters/NPCs that could be enounterd on a "special" result from the General Tables in the areas surrounding the Party's current location).
  • Maps to two new locations
  • A key to one of those locations

A GM from centuries past, crafting his world

Ephemera is a world with lots of small locations (villages, dungeons, wilderness sites) peppered across the map, so each location map/key combo isn't too time-consuming.

Before Monday, I'd still like to complete the key to the second location map I did this morning, and the maps and keys to at least two more locations. I think that's quite doable. I should probably update my current NPC list too.

With all that in hand, I should have substantially more hooks, villages, adventure locales, and random encounters prepped for Monday than I'll actually need. That's always a nice feeling to have going in.


  1. Looking forward to it Chris. It's good to know we can rely on you when Ken starts to slack.

  2. You're much better at prep than me. I always intend to do all that stuff, then I wind up winging a lot of it.

  3. Now with the game past, I forgot to ask. Who was doing the soundbites?

    1. Actually there were some good ones last night, but not as numerous as usual, so I'll probably do a combined two-week sound bite list after next session. But they'll be up!