Sunday, March 10, 2013

Olivier de la Fère, PC

I have the good fortune to join in the play test game Tim Shorts is running this week, and I've written up my first character. I say first, because I like to come to a game with a couple or three characters, to meet party needs, in case of PC death, whatever. So I'll be rolling up one or two others just in case (and well, heck, because it's fun).

Olivier de la Fère (Neutral Human Fighter, Level 3)

Olivier de la Fère is a middle-aged, disgraced nobleman, now without fortune, status or influence. Always silent on the subject of his fall, Olivier makes his living as a sword for hire and an adventurer. When work opportunities are scarce (but never while on a job) he spends rather too much time drinking.

HP: 17, AC: 16, SV: 12

STR: 14 (+1 to hit, open doors 1-2, +10 lbs carry modifier)
DEX: 9
CON: 13 (+1 hp/HD)
INT: 12 (3 extra languages: orcish, goblin, hobgoblin)
WIS: 9
CHR: 12 (max. 4 special hirelings)

Class Abilities: 1 attack / round / level vs. enemies of 1 HD or less)

Armor and Weapons (90 lbs):
Plate Mail (+6 to AC, 70 lbs)
Long Sword (damage 1d8, 15 lbs)
Hand Axe (damage 1d6, 5 lbs)

Other Personal Gear (10 lbs):
Backpack (30 lb capacity)
2 Sacks (15 lb capacity each)
Flint & Steel
Hooded Lantern (30' radius)
6 Flasks of Oil (4 hours each)
Hemp Rope (50')
3 Days' Dried Rations

Current Encumbrance: 100 lbs (carry modifier +10, move base = 9)
Movement: Walking 180, Running 360, Combat 30

Money: 83 gp , 2 sp

XP Bonus: +5% (Prime Attribute STR 14)
XP: 4,000


  1. Replies
    1. Lurker: lololol. You made me laugh. Tim is indeed trouble.

  2. Sounds like its gonna be fun, have a great time!

  3. Cool! Recalls a certain Comte with a troublesome ex-wife.

  4. I hope to see Athos give them a good show.

  5. I had a blast gaming with you last night. Olivier de la Fère is fun character. It was entertaining to see how much we put into the role-playing aspect of our characters despite it being a one-shot playtest (well, now at least two-shot).

    1. Me too! Yeah, putting in that creativity is a lot of fun, even if it is just for a one- (or two- or three-) shot character.