Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some More Maps: The Surrounding Wilderness

Finishing up step one from "Six Steps to Starting a Small Campaign," mapping out the surrounding area. Here's a map of the immediate vicinity of Fairbrook:

And a map of a slightly larger area:

I actually made the map of the larger area first, then cropped and zoomed to make the more localized view. But I expect the more localized view is the one that will get the most use at first, and I'll stick to fleshing out some details on that one initially.


  1. That is a great looking map - what program did you use to make it?

    1. Thanks Shelldrake: I used "Microsoft Picture It 9"

      Sorry for the incredibly (year-late) response to this. For some reason blogger put your comment into spam, and I only just now notices as I was doing some cleaning. My apologies for that!

  2. Maps look great. I think I am going to redo that article thanks to you.

  3. Great trees. Tim just posted about trees.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. The one you commented on for my blog, those are my favorite kinds of weekends.

  4. Again great looking maps. What program are you using to draw them?

  5. Very interesting entry.

  6. Thanks everybody. I appreciate the encouragement!

    Tim: It really is a great article.

    Dan: Just using "Microsoft Picture It! Photo Premium 9" which came with my computer. The woods, hills, and marsh were made from images I found online and copy-pasted in. The rest was done with the "insert line/insert shape" functions of the program itself.

  7. Great maps, looks like an interesting place!