Friday, December 30, 2011


The latest project – some 1066-era Saxons. I have a whole horde of these primed and based, and waiting for paint, along with a bunch of Norman infantry. I've got a batch of eight Saxons done.

I'm basing them individually on 1x1 bases, with a strip of magnetic tape on the bottom. That way I can use them for skirmishes, or I can plunk them down on thin metal underbases like these...

...depending on whether I want to also use them for something like De Bellis Antiquitatis...

...or for games like Chronicles of Blood, or Neil Thomas' Ancient and Medieval Wargaming...

Also just arrived in the mail today – a couple of boxes of mounted knights.Technically they're not 1066-era Normans, but somewhat later Templars. However, nobody makes a decent set of plastic Norman knights. On the other hand, in Italeri's box of Templars, most of the models are wearing chainmail and Norman-style helmets, and carry kite shields. I'll just have to smooth the crusader cross emblems off and I should be set. With luck this should be the world's easiest conversion.

Between two boxes of these, I should have all the Norman knights I'll need for at a DBA-sized army.


  1. I would not have pegged those as Templars. The shields seem larger than what I would picture. They do look like Normans to me though, so I'd say you lucked up. :)

  2. Wow those look great details on the soldiers

  3. Excellently painted figures! I look forward to seeing them in some of your games!

  4. Those are pretty neat. Looks like a lot of fun to paint these little guys. I once did ceramic stuff and found it relaxing.

    Happy Painting & 2012, to you and Mrs. Bard.

  5. Trey: Yep. There are some in the box that actually do look like Templars (helmets like upside-down pails with air holes punched in them). But most look like these guys.

    Baur: Thanks!

    Dan: Thanks -- I'm pretty excited about the project. These are coming along faster than my usual models (probably because they're smaller, being true 1/72's). So I'm hoping I can do a DBA sized army in a reasonable amount of time.

    Whisk: Thanks! Painting is rather therapeutic. It is tremendously relaxing, which is probably why I enjoy it so much more now than I did when I was younger. Happy New Year to you and Tim as well!

  6. Pretty awesome. I've always wanted to get into figure painting.

  7. Evan: Thanks! If you ever get a real itch to do it, I'd say go for it -- it's not terribly difficult to paint figures to an acceptable "gaming table" standard (which is how I'd classify myself -- nothing fancy, but decent enough for gaming).

  8. Thanks, Bard. Happy Blogging New Year and all the fun stuff. And I threw in a pizza for Tim's 30 hour marathon. Finger of Death-Free.

    Cheers and Hello to Mrs. Bard.

  9. Your paint jobs are second to none! You can see the shine already!

  10. Those look excellent!
    Nice choices there... I really need to get back into miniatures again.

  11. Whisk: Happy Blogging New Year to you too!

    Bragondorn: You're far kinder than I deserve!

    Sylvaeon: Thanks! All you need is time -- if you have the time, go for it!

  12. Thanks. Those pop tarts are Nature's Way. The raspberry ones. But I still call them pop tarts, even though they aren't.

    What flavor did you have?

  13. Whisk: Strawberry! I haven't tried the raspberry ones yet -- I'll have to give those a go too. :)

  14. And I haven't tried the strawberry ones. I'll have to try those. Tim's grooving on the brown sugar, think. Something brown.

    Happy Almost Weekend.