Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nyree, Female Pit Fighter, from Reaper

Wasn't sure I'd manage it during a work week, but I painted my third villain – Reaper's Nyree, Female Pit Fighter – for a three-on-three test drive of Ares, which I intend to do this weekend. Now to come up with a scenario....

Nyree, Pit Fighter (43 points)
Wounds: 3
Move: 4"
Morale: 4
Armor: D8
Close Combat: D8
Ranged Combat: - -
Weapons: Axe D8
Magic: D6
Spells: None
Special: Individual, Thick Skull

So far none of these characters has any magic spells.  Once I've played through a game or two and gotten down the basic mechanics, I'll throw in some shamans and sorcerers.

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