Thursday, January 12, 2017

Adventure Sound Bites

GM: "The first spider tries to web you."
BRYTAN: [rolls successful save] "I leap into the air and somersault over it."
GM: [rolls for next monster's bite attack, which hits] "And you land right on the next spider's fangs."

Brytan the Rogue sticks the landing.

"New ability: smell-casting."

"We know who carries the pike in that family."

"Do you want to have some fun before we go to sleep?"

"I lean over the hole and give it sniff."

"We have that impotent mage with us, right?"

"There are so many places a Kirby hand can go, and not all of them pleasant."


  1. I could cast smells but nothing on Ray and a 3 day lasagna fart, just ask him!

    1. That kind of comment makes you sound like one of us!