Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adventure Sound Bites

Another installment from a raucous Monday night game.

A: "That's some serious shrinkage."
B: "That's what she said."

"It was an act of wonderful recursion."

"Are you casting acid spash? Or splash his ass?"

A: "I'm going to flank his ass!"
B: "Flank his ass? or Spank his ass?"
A: "Yeah, nothing says hot combat like slapping the lizardman's ass."
(Yeah, we seem to have had a bit of a butt fetish going on last night. Don't ask me why.)

"Note to self – do not do a search for 'nude elves dancing'."

"I'm considering now doing something kind of stupid."

"That dog's gonna eat the shit out of me!"

"Oh, Christ! Singing lizardmen!"

A: "We should have a dance off!"
B: "Yeah, you know what? That's stupid."
A: "Well, that's why you're not a bard!"

"He butt-smacked you!"
(Again with the butts.)

"You'll go to your grave knowing I am the better dancer!"

"I don't know what 'glory h...' means. I'm going to google it on your computer."

Finally, inspired by pre-game conversation about the demise of various PCs we've run over the years, and by the singing talents of the party's bard, I've decided to close today's post with a musical number. An oldie but a goodie from Lenny and Ziggy – "Death by Misadventure." Click and enjoy!

Guns and Butter rule, dude!


  1. You guys are too much. Too much I say, too much!

  2. An ass comment heavy edition, for sure.