Monday, June 29, 2015

Adventure Sound Bites

From this evening's Majestic Wilderlands D&D 5e game...

"We liberated the town. By which I mean, we killed everyone indiscriminately and burned the place to the ground."

"Green dragons – those are just copper dragons that have oxidized, right?"

[Entering the city of Modron]
"Rule number one – no shooting the prince. Rule number two – no burning anything down."

A: He left the Gnome Kingdom to become a wanderer.
B: In other words, he's a gnomad.

A: Olive Oyl was a crack-whore.
B: Olive Oyl is hawt.
C: I've seen trees more shapely than Olive Oyl.

[Entering the Temple of Mitra in Modron]
"Again. Rule number one – no shooting the bishop. Rule number two – no burning anything down."

[Speaking to the Archbishop]
"I'm grateful to have this liaison with Carmina. Wait, no, that came out wrong. I'm grateful to have Carmina under me. No, no, that's still not right..."


  1. Good stuff! I particularly like the definition of "liberated."

    1. Sad thing is our group has liberated far too many towns and castles.

  2. lol--is that why Keyar wasn't invited to see the Bishop???

    1. Well....I'm guessing the cleric and paladin may have had Keyar in mind (after a certain incident with a sheriff, ahem)... Of course Vognur is quick with the torch, so that may be why he wasn't invited to see the bishop either.

  3. I love that ya'll have so much fun.