Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adventure Sound Bites

A night of crystal golems, crab men, and evil flaming bad guys...

"No! I've been poked."
(and evidently, it wasn't as much fun as he'd anticipated – ed.).

"We got crabs!"

"Hit 'em in the nards, man!"

Rolls d20 to hit a crab man..."10."
A: "I don't think that's gonna do it."
B: "Hey, you never know. Maybe they're soft-shell crab men..."

Evil Flaming Bad Guy's Raspy Dying Words: "Yooooouuuuuu Suck!"

"Hey! We've got two flaming broads!"
(Ahem. Broad swords. With our apologies. – ed.)


  1. Never apologize for broads. But do you know why its better to have two broads instead of one? Cause if their is a conversation you don't need to be in it.

    *ducking Ivy's inevitable smack on the back of my head*

  2. We definitely struggle with immersive play. Believe it or not, I don't most of the stupid comments that pop into my head.