Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Montporte Session Quick Summary

Ken from The Rusty Batttleaxe ran another fine session of his Montporte megadungeon last night.

In a nutshell, we killed some critters, grabbed some loot, rescued the prisoners we were seeking, took a valuable hostage of our own, and got out in one piece.

Our kobold friend Little Larry – an NPC who joined our party last session – is turning out to be quite the spectacular archer. Last night he dodged an enemy attack by diving and rolling under a piece of furniture, popped up on the other side and put an arrow right through the other guy's vitals. If Montporte were the Matrix, Larry would be Neo.

Quotable lines from the session:
     "Do we have to roll initiative against slugs?"
     "Who's the short guy next to the kobold?"
     "We're talking about rabbits having sex."


  1. "Do we have to roll initiative against slugs?" is going in my Gaming Hall of Fame. That was classic.

  2. lol Yeah that is pretty damn funny. Just read it now and laughing. Great picture Bard. Larry/Neo is becoming 'The One'. Now will he eat the blue or red pill.