Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Religion and Religious Organizations in the World of Ravensburg

Giving more detail to religion in my world...

Spirits, not Gods

Three spirits are worshipped in the world of Ravensburg: the Divine Light (Law and Life), the Spirit of Nature (Neutrality and Balance), and the Shadow (Chaos and Death).

The Church of the Divine Light

The Church of the Divine Light worships the spirit of Law and Life, and its many manifestations in the Saints of the Church. The saints are persons of uncommonly holy conduct who have been recognized by the Church after their deaths. Two notable saints are Saint Baldric (patron of the greater good) and Saint Boudica (patron of righteous might).

The Clerics of Saint Baldric: Clerics of Saint Baldric must be lawful good or lawful neutral in alignment. All the rules of clerics as written apply to them.

The Paladins of Saint Boudica: Paladins of Saint Boudica must be lawful good in alignment. All the rules of paladins as written apply to them.

The symbol of the Church is a stylized image of the Morning Star. For Clerics of Saint Baldric, it is black on a white field. For Paladins of Saint Boudica, it is white on a blue field. Worshippers are lawful good, lawful neutral, neutral good, or chaotic good.

The Fellowship

Members of the Fellowship worship the spirit of Nature, often called Anima. They believe every living thing, whether plant or animal, is imbued with this spirit. All worshippers of Anima are either true neutral, neutral good, neutral evil, or chaotic neutral. The symbol of the Fellowship is a green tree, typically on a white or yellow field.

The Druids: Druids are the leaders of the Fellowship. Druids must be true neutral in alignment. All the rules of Druids as written apply to them.

The Temple of the Shadow

The Temple of the Shadow worships the spirit of Chaos and Death, and its many manifestations in Demons and Devils. Worshippers are chaotic neutral, chaotic evil, lawful evil, neutral evil. The symbol of the Temple is a kris, pointed downward, generally red or black, though the field color can vary greatly.

Priests of the Temple: Priests of the Temple must be lawful evil, neutral evil or chaotic evil in alignment. They are polysatanic and, while they may have a favored devil or demon, they often pray to whatever devil or demon suits them at a particular moment. Priests of the Temple generally cast the reversed version of normal clerical spells. Their weapons differ from those of by-the-book clerics and are limited to: daggers (curved or wavy), darts, scimitars, and tridents. They may also use poison. Otherwise the normal rules of (evil) clerics apply to them as written.