Sunday, April 16, 2017

Neighborhoods of Ravensburg: The Iron Quarter


The Iron Quarter is Ravensburg's seat of security and justice. It is a notably safe, but un-lively neighborhood of the city.

Notable Locations

Black Guard Barracks: The barracks of the Ravensburg City Guard (known as the Black Guard). Commanded by Captain Garen Ruger. Lieutenant John Argus is responsible for the payment of bounties and rewards.

The City Armory: A smithy and arms store, well guarded. All the arms and armor of the Black Guard are made here.

The Court House: All accused criminals in Ravensburg are tried here.

Irongate Gaol: A tall, square keep, that serves as Ravensburg's prison. Hangings take place in the courtyard. Lesser criminals are pilloried there as well. Serious, but non-capital prisoners are locked in the dungeons beneath the keep. No one has ever escaped from the latter.

The Sleeping Guardsman Tavern: A middling-quality tavern and a favored drinking hole of Black Guardsmen. Nora Flinthammer (dwarf) is the proprietor.

Underground Tunnels: It is rumored that underground tunnels connect the gaol, armory, court house and barracks.

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