Friday, March 10, 2017

Neighborhoods of Ravensburg: Traveler's Hope

I've been running adventurers for a while now in my Ravensburg setting. So far, I've developed it haphazardly (organically?) as things came up in play. This has given me enough raw material to build on so that a more "systematic" polishing up/organization/detailing would be both useful and not terribly difficult to do. I plan to do each neighborhood, one by one, in the order that seems most useful from the standpoint of future play.

So today I kick things off with my first neighborhood, Traveler's Hope (the city overview map is posted at the end for context).

More detailed neighborhood map for Traveler's Hope.


General Overview

Most travelers enter Ravensburg via the South Gate. Consequently, the quarter offers more traveler-specific goods and services than any other neighborhood in Ravensburg. Many, if not most, of Ravensburg's adventurer community get their start here.

Notable Shops

Buridan's Beasts: Aldo Buridan, a middle-aged, muscular bald man, sells horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys, along with saddles, harnesses, and related gear. Shoeing services also available. 

Hitch's Wagons: Helga Hitch, a skinny young woman with blond hair a vice-like grip, has built and sold carts, wagons and carriages here since the death of her father. 

Mercator's Maps: Milo Mercator, an old elf with white hair and thick eyeglasses, sells maps of the city, the region and most of the nearby wilderness areas. 

Tannhauser's Leather Goods: Eva Tannhauser, a voluptuous middle aged woman, makes and sells leather goods of use to travelers: boots, map cases, sacks, backpacks, belt pouches, wine skins – anything at all that could be useful on a journey.

Inns and Taverns

The Cold Cellar: Run by plump, sandy-haired halfling Henry Shortbottom, this tavern is renowned for its quality ales, and the telling of local legends and tales. 

The Crossed Wands: The proprietor Henrietta Fall is a short but energetic old widow. Rumor has it that she and her late husband were once magic-users. The inn has a bed and breakfast feel, and offers more intellectual travelers a fairly large library to pass the time.

The Mace and Hammer: The middle-aged owner, Albric Endlemas, is a pious man who always wears a holy symbol around his neck. Religious icons of the goddess and her saints adorn the walls, and Albric gives discounts to clerics. 

The Noble Knave: The owner, Vial Rant, sports a goatee, elegant clothing, and always carries a dagger at his belt. The Noble Knave is the only tavern in the quarter to offer a dedicated gambling room. There are rumors that he has connections with the criminal guilds of the Barrows and the Blight.

The Surly Dragon: Big Willie, the owner, is a tall, bearded man with huge biceps and a large belly. This inn is a favorite with adventurers. Big Willie is known to extend credit to adventurers who are down on their luck, and listens with relish to the tales they tell. The tavern is a good place to pick up rumors. 

The Verdant Grove: The slim, salt-and-pepper haired owner, Lorne Ironbark, is a recently retired elvish adventurer. The inn is decorated in a forest motif, and is a favorite with elves and halflings. Lorne himself knows quite a bit about the lands round about Ravensburg.

For context, the here's the Ravensburg overview map -- Traveler's Hope is near the center of the south city wall:

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