Friday, January 6, 2017

Revising Ravensburg

Spent this snowy afternoon revising my Ravensburg map. The old one was somewhat vaguer and abstract. I've decided to rework it by compressing everything essential into a center-city area, that will later be expanded outward if/as needed.

Abbreviation Key: A=Animal Trader; B=Blacksmith; G=General Store; 
J=Jeweler; P=Potion Shop; S=Scroll Shop; T=Tavern.

This is part of a larger between-campaigns revision. I re-made the surrounding "known world" last week:

Back around Thanksgiving I made a "sandbox-without-a-world"-style map, an expandable, abstract map style I found on Paul Gorman's Quickly, Quietly, Carefully blog:

The map shows about one day's march from Ravensburg (center) in every direction.
(N.B. I didn't make the parchment background,
but I can't for the life of me remember where I found it).

My idea right now is to have a mix of abstract maps for broader areas (which are largely for context or hand-waved point-to-point movement) along with more specifically detailed maps for narrower locations (where distances and movement are likely to have tactical impact).