Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Adventure Sound Bites

From last night's game. We are one serious band of miscreants...

"You can get five orcs in a bunch."

"It sucks to be on fire."

"He's in the cleavage between the old elf boobs."

"So I stuff marshmallows on the end of a bunch more arrows."

"Not enough penises."

"A grassy gnoll."

"She becomes infinitely flat."

"Strippers and booze!"


  1. So there are 5 orcs in a bunch? Who knew!

  2. I never knew that there were five orcs in a bunch.

  3. I agree with the being on fire statement Every time I have been head to toe in flames I've though to myself, "Well, this kind of sucks." You guys going to be able to track down the hag that got away?

    1. Unlikely. At least, my guess is she used Plane Shift to get away, which means she could be literally anywhere. I suppose we could stake out the place to see if she came back, if that wasn't a stupid thing to do since she can become ethereal and it's pretty much impossible to protect yourself from her Nightmare Haunting since in 5e a Magic Circle only lasts an hour. That plus we have an actual mission we're on and this was just an encounter along the way..

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