Friday, April 10, 2015

A little off topic...

In fact totally off topic. A sad but fairly true commentary on my profession. A little exaggerated, but not by much.

"So you want to get a Ph.D. in the humanities..."

"Nine years later..."


  1. Nine years. Yikes. I never like the word adjunct, not even sure if I'm spelling it correctly, but either way, it's a crappy word.

    1. Yeah, nine is a bit exaggerated. If you really have your act together you can do it in six (I even know a guy who did it in five). Still, typically at least six years of study, after which you are qualified to do one thing only (teach at a college or university) and have less than a 50% chance of getting a tenure track position (i.e. a position for which a Ph.D is required). I've really slowed down recommending a Ph.D. to my M.A. students except for the ones who are so exceptional that they genuinely have a shot of becoming one of the happy few in a tenure-track position.

      P.S. -- and you get full marks for spelling!

    2. Hahahaha, you cracked me up there with the spelling.

      Stopped in to see if you'd done a new post. Tim told me about you guys taking a break from gaming and I said, "that's a good idea." I asked him if he would take a break from Monday as well. Just for a little while.

      Now .. to write up that Honey-Do List.

      No, I don't have one of those, just a dry erase prep board. But a little summer break sounds nice. It's like Free Mondays for a bit. Enjoy your trip to France. I've never been but would LOVE to try the real food.

      Enjoy and Big Hello to Mrs. Bard, from me.