Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adventure Sound Bites

Out-of-context verbal delicacies from the last two Monday nights.

"Are those boobs or pecs?"

"He's kind of like a step-stool, with fur."

A: [Mumble mumble mumble.]
B: What?
A: I'm talking to my brain.
B: You're talking to your brain out loud, sweetie.

"Sounds like a good reason to shoot in their direction, unless you want to be in melee with those things."

A: [Out loud] Oops, wrong button.
A: [In Roll20 text box, simultaneously] "Whips it out and pees on his weapon."
Everybody Else [Out loud]: You actually wrote a macro to say that!!!????"

GM: In the corner you see some poop.
A: Do we check it out?
B: Yeah, it seems every time we check out poop there's treasure hidden in it.
A: Like fortune poop!

A: Meet Lucky – the three-legged, one-eyed Blink Dog.
B: He has a claw/claw/fall-down attack sequence.

Is that what it means to be neutral? Kill half the orcs and give the rest a cookie?

Oh, no! Yogis! If they get into downward dog position, we know they're getting ready to charge.

A: [Makes pig noises]
B: Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in Deliverance?

Beyond this lies only meta!

Fabulous flaming boars – we have just entered the metrosexual Deep Dark.


  1. Is the sweetie comment, Ken? Sounds like Ken.

    1. Actually, no. I missed that comment.

    2. Ohhhh, Tim just told me it was Doug talking to his kid, not you talking to one of the goobers. And here I thought it was you :-)

    3. Ha! Every comment, in game or out, is potentially quotable. :)

  2. A: [Makes pig noises]
    B: Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in Deliverance?

    Love it!!

    1. We don't do well with farm animals.

    2. No, indeed we don't. We've had chickens, goats, and pigs, and all have ended up producing this quality of in-game commentary.

  3. It is funny how much of this immature commentary we generate every week, yet still cram a huge amount of serious gaming and roleplaying into a 3 hour session.

    1. It's true, despite the puerile comments, we do get in a lot of serious adventure and plot advancement and such. I should probably post about the actual gaming at some point. But others already do that so much better than I do...

      Maybe I should combine the two and revive the Montporte Inquirer format.

      ( http://clashofspearonshield.blogspot.com/2013/04/headline-news.html )