Monday, January 5, 2015

Adventure Sound Bites

Yet another wholesome and uplifting gaming session with the Monday Night Ubergoobers.

"People are stupid when they get married."

A: "Man you've got tons of oil flasks."
B: "You should come 'round Saturday night and we'll show you what we do with 'em."

"Oh, they were burning candles here. Even dumb-ass me knows about that!"

"Gnomic Festivus Feats of Strength"

"She's got Strength 18 and a Mighty Chastity Belt."

"You can roll all the nat 20's you want. It still don't fix 'stupid'."

"Ohhhh!!! I stab it – whatever it is!"

"We eat people who break genre!"

Player [Types in chat box]: "BRB, phone call"
GM [Types in chat box]: "Mindflayers on line two..."

"Should I step in front of you? 'Cause you're gettin' the crap beat out of you."

A: "I oiled him up really good."
B: "And now the fun begins..."


  1. That second to last one sounds like my husband.

  2. Once again, context is not helpful.

  3. Pow! Monday night is alright for fighting. Monday night! Monday night!

    1. Yep, we may use a little muscle to get what we need.

  4. "People are stupid when they get married." Referring to the amount of time, money and effort people often place on their wedding (one day) versus their marriage (a lifetime).

    1. From the Huffington Post: "According to wedding planning website TheKnot, the average cost of a wedding in America last year was roughly the price of a new car, or about $30,000 (excluding the honeymoon)."

      So basically you're paying for a car without getting....the car. Or at least paying the cost of a new car for a one-day rental, as it were.

      And that's just the money side, not even touching the time and effort.

    2. And my kids are getting to be about that age.


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