Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adventure Sound Bites

After a week off, the ubergoobers came back with a vengeance, and new recruit +Douglas Cole helped us tackle +Ken H's Montporte Megadungeon. Below are some sound bites from two weeks ago, followed by last night's tidbits.


What the F*** is that? A dance?

Shake that honey-maker!

You can't tell me the Hydra doesn't smell Luven.

TED Talk: Nested portable holes. Will the universe collapse?


A: Unlike dwarves, nobody tosses gnomes because they're not ballistically true.
B: Yeah, ya gotta get a real tight spiral on them.

I'm die-curious.

What is the sound of one cleric crashing?

A: I'm getting a lot of echo on Google Hangouts when you talk.
B: Hang on let me raise the visor on my helmet.

You are the cat in the box.

In a parallel universe, there's another Tim shouting "Hey I rolled another nat 20!"

It's your classic flash-bang, except instead of the team rushing into the room behind it, we just huddle behind the door.

It's my first D&D 5E game and I get stunned, then the guy behind me decides to play slap and tickle.

I see things haven't changed since I was eleven.

This game is easy!
(Said just before enemy reinforcements came swarming out)

A: Those giant spiders might have been friendly.
B: Yeah, they could've welcomed us as liberators.

Wait, are you saying that pole mastery lets you have a butt attack?

Just get behind the gnomes and push!



  1. You guys are funny. Glad you're having so much fun.

    Happy Christmas to you and Mrs.Bard.

    1. Happy Christmas to you and Tim, too!

  2. Only one thing has changed: those 11-year-old boys now have credit cards and they are not scared of using them!!

  3. It was a good time, but lots of players to keep track of online.