Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adventure Soundbites

The usual mischief, from the usual suspects.

Firebritches: +1 AC to your groin.
(Not from last night; I found it scribbled in notes from a previous session).

Save vs. Chubby.
(Someone is on a fixation lately, see last week's soundbites).

GM: As you walk through the stirge-infested woods, you see a dead deer, all the blood drained from its lifeless corpse.
Player: Is the deer's nose red?
GM: No.
Player: OK, so it's not Rudolph the Red Nosed Drained Deer.

A: I throw my battle axe.
B: Wow, that'll put hair on the balls of 5E.

Shut up, Tim.
(I'm stealing one of Whisk's Prize Baskets for this one. Three orc ears, a pickled ogre tongue, and a rotten wyvern egg to the first person who can guess who said this.).

I have the gift of blab.

In these woods, the orc is easy.


  1. Replies
    1. That's probably a few weeks old, so your guess is as good as mine....

      Just let you imagination run wild. You'll probably be right, whatever you come up with.

  2. You've got some completely perverted juvies playing on Monday night. I would refuse to play with such filth.

    1. Lol! Yeah, I don't know how any of us can stand playing with each other. :)

  3. Because you're all a bunch of smarty pants goobers, that's how.

    I dunno who said it though and those prizes are the best. Totally gotta steal some of those next time I do a quiz.