Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adventure Soundbites

Last night saw +Rob Conley running the Ubergoobers through The Lost Mine of Phandelver. This time we actually made it into the goblin caves and cleared them out, though we almost suffered a TPK once again. There were three PCs, two of us went down unconscious, and +Tim Shorts' rogue found himself alone facing something like five or six enemies. Tim's rogue bought time negotiating, my unconscious fighter got lucky with a nat 20 on a death save, woke up with 1 hp, took a second wind, jumped up and hacked down a wolf. Tim poured a healing potion down the throat of +Rhandom A's unconscious mage, who in turn jumped up and blasted away with his ray of frost.  A few hacks and slashes and blasts later, and we had suddenly gone from almost dead to last men standing. Quite the wild ride.

Without further delay, here are the soundbites from last night, along with some stragglers from previous sessions that I neglected to post.

From last night: 

"Hold on to your codpieces – this is about to get real."

"Those healing potions are worth every penny, aren't they?"

"Lots of testicle shots in this game tonight – it's the battle of the balls!"

"I'm not feeling the grapple."

And from previous sessions: 

"Sounds like a place you wouldn't want to go in a Call of Cthulhu campaign."

"Archiving is for wussies."

"I was gaming around and got a case of GURPS."

A: "It's just filling up a big gap."
B: "That's what she said."

D&D Yoga Position One: The Squatting Orc

New items:

  • "Porn Star's Flail" 
  • "Minotaur Thong"
  • "Essence of Elf Fart"

(for the record I have no recollection of these items' context)


  1. Replies
    1. That's what it said in my notes, in quotation marks. So I know it was said during the game. I just don't remember why.

  2. I'm looking for my codpiece at the moment!