Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cosmo on Chaos

Excerpt from the article "Chaos," pages 357-358 in Volume II of The Gentleman's Fantasophical Library, compiled by Cosmo the Curious, and printed in the City of Irongate, under privilege of the Prince.

"We encounter chaotics every day of or lives – the marketplace pickpocket, the unscrupulous merchant, the sneaking thief, the highway robber, the back-alley assassin. These individuals place their own interests above those of others, and form eddies of disruption in a relatively orderly society. But in the end, they are fundamentally like us. They thrive on fresh air, take joy in the feel of sunlight, find pleasure in the presence of such companions as they may have. Deprive them of these things for any time, imprison them alone in the stagnant dark of a cell beneath the earth, and they will wither and weaken as surely as the rest of us. They are chaotic, to be sure, but they are of a subtle chaos. Or perhaps, more accurately, they are of a chaotic tendency, and are not truly chaotic in the very substance of their being.
  Deep chaos – or true chaos – is of a different nature altogether. Deep chaotics – the goblin, the demon, the undead, the twisted monsters of the depths – are far less commonly encountered. These creatures are not a stained version of ourselves, but rather something by nature altogether alien. They are imbued with a primordial darkness; their flesh itself is formed of emptiness and despair made manifest.
  A fresh wind chokes them. The light of day blinds them. Even star and moon hurt their eyes. They despise all things and all beings, making associations by force and out of the desire to inflict as much anguish on others as they feel in their own hearts. They come above ground as rarely as we go below. They do so only at night, and only by times of cloud or the foul wind of storm. Deep chaotics typically do not build or craft, but rather scavenge and squat, inhabiting natural caverns, or underground foundations of places abandoned by surface-dwellers. This latter accounts for the common proximity of dungeons to the cities of man and his kin.
  These traits also explain elements of the interactions between surface-dwellers and deep-dwellers. The proximity of deep chaotic dungeons to the strongholds of men is the reason why humankind and deep chaotics interact at all. The reticence of both types to cross into the others' domain is the reason why such contact is rare. The difference in our natures is the reason why contact is generally violent, unless the deep chaotics fear us for some reason, or unless they believe they can manipulate us to gain something they desire and which they cannot obtain for themselves."

(Excerpt reproduced by permission of the author – ed.)

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  1. Very, very interesting. You make goblins sound so serious.