Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventure Sound Bites

Another killer session in +Ken H's Montporte dungeon tonight  this time almost literally as we finally encountered a major, major baddie. Judging by his dice rolls for magic missile and fireball, he must have been about level 20 or so  while we're all floating around level 6 give or take.

In the midst of great death and destruction, there were nonetheless plenty of sound bite moments:

"He almost took a shower with me."

"We're gonna have buns of steel after this."

"I say 'screw the gnomes'."

"Miss Kitty says 'speed up there cowboy'."

"You're still eatin' poop out of your hand."

"Whoever figured a skeleton could be used as air freshener?"

"Look out! His sack's full!"

"Oh, yeah, somebody's gettin' a chubby."

GM: "On the table you see a small form."
Player: "Dammit! Paperwork follows us everywhere."

"I made the mistake of doing a google search for 'naked dwarf'. You do NOT want to do that."

"Luven wets Elias' pants."

"I wanna feel sticky."


  1. Those were all taken out of context. All of those statements were made with pure heart and intent. Not a one were meant to be puerile entertainment. They had form and purpose. Content taken without setting is just a cheap way to get a few chuckles. I dare say I would expect more from your Christopher. An educated man, surrounding himself with the likes of see men of this caliber in the prisons.

    hehe...I wrote see men

    1. I dare say I would expect more from your Christopher.

      You and my mother.

  2. LoL Sounds very much like my table.

    1. I think we are all just going through a second adolescence.

  3. I do not believe Tim's comments above one bit.