Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adventure Sound Bites

Sound bites from last night's game, plus a few stragglers I neglected to put up from a previous session...

"You threw a hissy fit the last time we tried to take a nap."

"He may be undead, but he's been workin' out."

"Hey, why don't you put your tongue on it?"

"Get in touch with your inner Gollum."

"Gnomish coins. Their called gnickels."

Said to the gnomes (PC & NPC) in our group: "You people like squirrels right? Squirrel droppings?"

"There's no suspicious pile of dragon poop, is there?"

As the party got attacked by a horde of angry other-planar fish:
Player A: "That's a lot of fish."
Player B: "I think we're about to get schooled."

The fish had hideous black eyes. Once they were dead, one party member decided to urinate on the remains (don't ask):  "Now they're black-eyed pee fish."

It seems only fitting to end this report with a poem:


  1. That crowd never met a pun they didn't like, did they?

  2. It was so bad last night. I woke up with a pun hangover.

  3. Fun stuff - sounds like a good game!

  4. Loved the Working out dead bloke!

  5. "You threw a hissy fit the last time we tried to take a nap. Nothing wrong with naps!