Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adventure Sound Bites

Some choice sound bites from the last two play sessions in Ken's excellent Montporte Megadungeon.

"Just stick it in the hole and go BOOM"
(Advice on how to use a rod of sonic blasting. No, really.)

"You've been diagnosed with Attention Span Syndrome."

"He slips in his own urine and cracks his head."

"So we're just standing in the circle with our weapon shafts in our hands."

Player A: "I failed my save."
GM: "Your face melts off."
Player B: "So that increases his charisma by 1, right?"

And the best moment of the night (surprisingly G-rated):

Player A: "I cast sleep."
GM: OK, both the bad guys drop to the ground. Player B, you're up.
Player B: [silence]
GM: B?
Player B: [silence]
GM: B?!
Player B: [silence]
Player C: I think he got caught by A's sleep spell.
Everybody Else: [snigger, twitter, giggle]
GM: B!!!!
Player B: Huh? Who? Wha? Where am I? Sorry guys, I fell asleep.
Everybody Else: [howls of uncontrollable laughter]

Yes, that's right. One player fell asleep. Mid-game. Timed perfectly to coincide with the sleep spell. In fairness he did have a rough night previously, and can't be blamed for falling asleep. Not his fault at all. Still, the timing was just priceless.

When the Monday Night Ubergoobers game, you never know what madness will transpire.