Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adventure Sound Bites

"You know gnomes actually wrote that song: Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!" (Hmm, K.C. and the Sunshine Gnomes?)

"There are no dumb questions. Only dumb people."
(And not the first time the GM has told us that either.)

"As long as we're playing virtually, you can grab your thing whenever you want."

"I think I just sprayed all over the wall."

"I don't have any control over my pog."
(You would think this was connected to the previous comment, but it wasn't.)

"He shoots green beams out of his eyes right at your face."
"Green beans?"
"No, BEAMS."
(The GM was right, there are no dumb questions.)

"I'd feel a bit uncomfortable too, if I had Luven inside of me."
(Luven, thief extraordinaire, kept jumping through Cassius, a ghost in denial who believes he's still alive. Each time the party encounters him, we pass hands, tools, weapons, and other objects through his body trying to make him realize he's a ghost. It never works. Luven's acrobatics made Cassius uncomfortable.)

"When you're a warlock, size matters."
(Dante, declining to make a claim on a magic dagger the party acquired.)

"I hope you have a chance to enjoy the delightful flesh of that otherwise horrid little creature."
(In a note the party found, referring to Duncan, the party's gnome wizard/thief).


  1. Man, and I didn't think we were all that bad last night. My perspective is being warped by you guys. Yes, I'm blaming it on the party.

    1. Well, at least we weren't in "Demon Chicken" mode. :)

      You are right to blame it on the party -- it's a group effort.

    2. As an artist, I feel disrespected every Monday night.

  2. Green beens shot at you would be sort of scary, too.

  3. "As long as we're playing virtually, you can grab your thing whenever you want."

    I nearly chocked on my tea!!!

  4. LOL These are great, these are all from one game? Sounds like your table and mine need to get together.

    Well, on second that, the universe would likely not survive.

    1. We can get a bit rowdy sometimes. :)