Sunday, January 5, 2014

Adventure Sound Bites

Woefully behind on my posting, reading and commenting of late. Here are the sound bites from the last few sessions in Ken's Montporte dungeon:

GM: "The party's mushroom-man henchman loses a point of wisdom."
P: "Well, he is a vegetable."

After said henchman loses a further point of wisdom: "Putting the 'mush' in mushroom."

Eventually down to two wisdom points, the catatonic mushroom-man henchman is remembered:
"Ah, our mushroom man. He really was a fun guy." (Read it aloud if you need to. – Ed.)

"I was in the pool!" (Shrinkage issues. – Ed.)

"You self-identify as dirt."

"He's got a nine-inch laminator."

"Octoball." (Arising from an encounter with a demonic cephalopod, and some very cheesy play on the word "tentacle" – Ed.)

Last but not least, a brief poem quilled by Dante, in honor of one of his brave brothers in arms, Duncan, Gnome Wizard-Thief:

"Ode to Duncan"

There are known gnomes; 
There are gnomes we know that we know.
There are unknown gnomes; 
That is to say, 
There are gnomes we now know
We don't know.
But there are also unknown unknown gnomes – 
There are gnomes we do not know
We don't know.


  1. I'm noticing a theme these days between food and body parts. Looking forward to some Ephemeria tomorrow night. Connor the Uptight will be ready to go as will Bart the Hefty will be on back up.

  2. You could set it to music...