Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adventure Sound Bites

Sound bites from last night's session, along with a couple from an earlier session that I failed to post for some reason.

The Old:

"I am smarter than fungus."

"The model of success: let the low intelligence, low charisma guy decide."

The New

Player A: "Baby got goat..."
Player B: "I like big goats and I cannot lie..."

"NAMMLA: The North American Man-Mushroom Love Association."

"I don't think you can sexually harass something that's a-sexual."

"I can't get him to pulse now."

"We just made the list."

"No, no, don't be silly! I know a kobold when I see it."

Arriving in gnome territory, protected by crystal golems.
Player A: "Gnomeland!"
Player B: "And these guys are gnomeland security."


  1. I'm glad you guys get to game together.

  2. I would say that they sound worse out of context, but the sound about this bad in context. Generally, there is no context. Sound bites just randomly happen on Monday nights.

  3. You forgot,

    "My god, what is that smell?"

    Maybe that was Ivy after the game. I forget the timing.

  4. If you have to point out your smarter than a fungus, you might not be.

    1. Only too true. That may apply to most of our party.