Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventure Sound Bites (and a Few Highlights)

Gasp! It was like coming up for air. We played last night for the first time in three weeks. Man, I was jonesin'.


The Gaunts (these really tall, lanky, creepy minions of the bad guys) come out of the woodwork. We spend about two, maybe two-and-a-half hours [EDIT: three hours, apparently] in continuous combat – in an OSR-style game. It felt like every time we killed one, two more came at us from another doorway. By the time we're done, every resource – hit points, spells, potions – is  pretty much depleted.

Dante fumbles and hits Adzeer with a battle axe for 8 points of damage. Seriously – really, really sorry, dude. Maybe the chicks will think that scar is cool...

Luven goes all Kill Bill or Matrix or I don't know what on the bad guys – leaping through the air over a giant pit and plunging a blade into them.

Duncan and Luven manage to get info out of the bad guys that lets us know more or less where we are (after we teleported and got lost a few sessions ago).

Our two mushroom-man NPC companions help us find a secret door to safety – back in their elvish master's territory – where we can sleep and regain spells.

We find out that Dante's pyromania has limits – he has no stomach for burning prisoners alive, no matter how evil they are. He does get a bit excited, though, when someone mentions explosive powder.


"We were wearing frilly nighties and fighting with feather pillows."

"A whole bunch of us sacrificed our underwear that night."

"It's not combat that's going to kill us. It's peeing on those 5000-volt electric things."

GM: "Goat Girl takes another hit. She falls to the ground in a coma."
Player: [sarcastically] Awww.... poor Goat Girl.
GM: "Yeah, but Goat Girl was holding all your gold."
Same Player: [urgently] "We've gotta save Goat Girl!"

GM: The black-cloaked figure hits Duncan with Burning Hands for 15 points of fire damage.
Duncan's Player: Ouch. I'm down.
GM: Duncan falls to the ground unconscious.
[fast forward to next round]
GM: [forgetting Duncan is unconscious from the fire attack] Duncan, are you going roll for initiative?
Another Player: Duncan's having a smoke...

[After a critical hit] "Cleaved him from collar bone to crotch!"

[After a critical hit against a Gaunt] "I got Gaunt all over me."

"I just let out a little gas."


  1. And they fell. They fell around us offering their worthless blood to new gods born from bashed bone and cleaved flesh.

  2. Did Goat Girl - and your gold - make it?

    1. She did. And Luvin kissed every bar of gold to make sure it was unharmed.

  3. It has been a very long time since I have GMed a session like that. Thanks for making it so much fun.

    1. I think campaigns need a swarm session like this once in a while. This session and the zombie horde session from Rob's campaign are two sessions that I will not soon forget.

    2. In fact, in retrospect, I think that was one thing that was missing from my recent PbB campaign. It would have been cool to have one.

    3. It wasn't my intent, as the start of the evening, to do a swarm session, but it was so cool when it happened. I was reminded of Rob's zombie horde session. One of my best experiences ever as a player.

  4. "Another Player: Duncan's having a smoke...quality!

    1. Turns out smoking really is hazardous to your health.:)