Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adventure Sound Bites

Somehow I managed to miss last week's posting of these, so there's a double helping today. All from Ken's (Rusty Battleaxe) Montporte Megadungeon game.

"He's havin' a bad bone day."
"A happy skeleton is a slow skeleton."
Mad Punster [Referring to slow-moving skeletons]: "I guess they don't have a bone to pick."
"I'm here to see what the mushroom can do."
"Dehydrated water elemental."
"We've got a pair now."
"We need to put that gnome on a leash."
"Scone-eating bear."
"Was that dwarf and gnome skulls? Or dwarven numbskulls?"
"I slice my wrists a little."
"He pulsated all over you."

And on a side note, our group found a pretty decent stash of treasure last night and Dante (my character) managed to pick up a nice weapon, the Axe of Dulnar, a weapon inscribed with dwarven runes that gives +1 normally, +3 vs. all outsiders (enemies from other planes); double attacks vs. demons; +2 protection vs. demons (AC and saving throws). I'm looking forward to having Dante try it out on some monster's neck next week.  Of course, the axe's powers could just be the DM's way of foreshadowing what we'll be coming up against... 


  1. Of course, the axe's powers could just be the DM's way of foreshadowing what we'll be coming up against...

    Oh, come on. I just wanted you all to have pretty things.

    1. You know, it just occurs to me how treacherous an axe with "Dul" in its name could be.

  2. What a brilliant and witty group. Amazing stuff!

  3. I'm not so sure that a happy skeleton is slow--but then, I don't know how to tell when a skeleton's happy. Unless it's when they're dancing?

    1. Actually the skeleton tokens had smiles on them. Then they started moving forward with a strangely slow movement rate. Which led to the inevitable conclusion...

    2. And I should say that the skeleton tokens with a "have-a-nice-day" smile on them were actually creepier than if they had been grimacing or scowling.

  4. "He pulsated all over you." Sickos!

    1. It was actually the Roll20 pogs that occasionally send out colored pulses on the computer screen when players click on them.