Saturday, December 3, 2011

One Year Old

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of my first blog post here at The Clash of Spear on Shield, and I decided to celebrate by changing the blog's look.

This is how we celebrate at "The Clash"

I'm also thinking about various projects, old and new. With a busy fall quarter now out of the way, and my WWII minis project for Solo Gaming Month done, I'd like to get back to focusing on fantasy. Some ideas for the next year currently bouncing around my head are:

1. Picking up the Mithril War campaign for Song of Blades and Heroes, which has fallen by the wayside, and maybe even bringing it to some real conclusion

2. Painting some additional Song of Blades and Heroes warbands

3. Continuing to post Tristan's Chronicle

4. A possible return (time allowing) to GMing, with a play-by-blog campaign using an old-school rules set

5. Perhaps starting some small armies for De Bellis Antiquitatis and/or Hordes of the Things (a reasonable step up from skirmish gaming, in terms of painting time required)

Continuing with Tristan's Chronicle and the Mithril War campaign are definite. For the other items, I obviously won't do them all. But these are what's floating around in my brain at the moment.


  1. I have enjoyed talking with you and look forward to another year. Woohoo. Big hello to Mrs. Bard.

    PS: Tim said congrats. He's get up and type it himself, but he's busy getting killed on the 360.

  2. And I like the new background of the blog. And the banner. About to change my banner here as well. It's just so much fun to play with these things.

  3. Congratulations! May there be many more to come.

  4. Nice work Bard. Congrats on the year. It's been good to have you around.

  5. Congratulations!
    I hate to be late to wish you a happy blog anniversary, but my son John had an art show this morning. I like the new look and I wish you much success, happiness and many more happy blog anniversaries. You have actually gotten a lot more done in the last year than I have and have been something of an inspiration to me with both of your blogs.

  6. You know, you're right. I've never seen Batman smile either. Hmmm. Seen Superman and Wonder Woman, but never the Dark Knight.

  7. Everyone:Thanks!

    Whisk: I've enjoyed chatting with you, too! I really dig your new blog banner – I especially like the smiling Batman with the Santa beard.

    Trey: I look forward to posting for a long time to come.

    Tim: It's been good to be around – this blogging community is made up of some great people, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

    Jagatai: Hope the art show went well! It's funny that you mention inspiration, because I've been very inspired by your blog as well.

    Aamedor: I appreciate it and I'm glad you came by!

  8. Congrats on a well deserved anniversary! This a great blog and I always enjoy the post. I really like the new look it has that ancient look.

    I like the the idea of a play by blog game, I hope you find the time to do that!

  9. I liked your answer for the Sherlock Holmes Quiz. Two rusty nails and a broken toaster for you.

  10. Dan: Thanks! I'm kind of going through that long process of deciding what type of campaign I'd play if I did, which rules set to use, etc. that Bliss talks about over at the Warlock's Home Brew (

    Whisk: Woo-hoo! Reinforcing my bad behavior: if you don't know the answer, invent something that amuses the teacher!

    Lurker: Thank you much, my friend!